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Action, Indifference,
Doubt, or Denial?

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LyRA Project is an independent American Alt-Pop duo (Slot One Label) based near Philadelphia, PA, with songwriters Debra Lee (vocals, piano-keyboard) and Rick Denzien (guitar, vocals).

With musical talent forged by formal training and do it yourself tenacity, the songwriters-couple instantly bonded when they met at a record release party for a regional compilation CD where they were featured solo artists.

Their passion for each other and music took expression in the LyRA Project. The name is a tip to their shared awe for the Cosmos, named for a constellation in the Vegas star system based on a Greek myth where Zeus tossed the “lyre” of Orpheus into the heavens (the lyre being the ancient ancestor of their instruments, guitar and piano).  The word “Project” infers a work in progress, always evolving and expanding.

The couple also shares a passion and deep commitment to protecting the climate, humanity, and creation, by reducing their carbon footprint.  They walk the talk by driving and touring in an all electric vehicle (their License Plate reads “NoGasEV”); their home and home-based music enterprise is powered by solar and wind.  They also became full-on “Vegans.”  They’re on a mission to share with others, through show and tell, the necessity to usher in a new sustainable economy with ease and everyday resourcefulness.  

Denzien, who produces and engineers LyRA Project’s music at his zero greenhouse gas emission Bah-Fo Recording Studio, delivers a sonic tonic with the GODDESS CD.

An excellent strength is Debra Lee’s lead vocal, and the duo is most noted for vocal harmonies which blend seamlessly.

LyRA Project’s choruses and anthems can hang with the best jams out there. Song structures offer balance in repetition and surprise. 

Lyrics bring home a message about rising above adversity, returning to a higher love, and finding love inside oneself, and the music does the job of both stimulating and soothing the psyche and senses.

The GODDESS CD also offers up a Coldplay cover, “God Put A Smile Upon Your Face”  with a video, produced by Denzien, with images that speak to the couple’s fears for the environment, and which can be viewed at

The GODDESS CD cover art is a collaboration of the couple, that ties together myth and mystery of the Cosmos with a photo image of the Lyra constellation looking up from Stone Henge, with original art rendering of a modern day "goddess" holding a Spock inspired lyre.